OS X Serial Driver Installation

Installation of the PL2303 and CH340 / CH341 / HL340 drivers is easy. Simple open the OS X installer and follow the steps.

Step 1 - Download Driver

Download the driver for your OS X version from the download dashboard:

Download Dashboard

Step 2 - Open Install Package

Driver Package

Step 3 - Start screen

Start screen

Step 4 - Select install location

Click next

Default is most times the right choice.

Step 5 - Enter admin password

Enter admin password

Step 6 - Driver has been installed

Driver has been installed

Step 7 - Check

When the driver has been installed, you can check if it has been loaded. To check, connect the serial device, open Terminal and type one of the following commands:

  • For PL2303 device: ls /dev/ | grep 2303

  • For CH341 device : ls /dev/ | grep ch341

The result should show the accompanying cu and tty handle.

Check success